This is a site to exhibit the life-works of the danish sculptor Johannes Clausen Bjerg (1886-1955).

 An attempt to develop a "Virtual Museum"


It is still under construction, and the visitor cant avoid to meet links, which are still not operative. An evident obstacle to the not-danish-reading visitor is of course the textual information

The parallel arrays of 18 non-portrait sculptures, 5 portrait statues, 34 reliefs, 43 statuettes, 42 busts, will be linked to the appropriate items in the database, - but until further the visitors will have to find this information by their own browsing down through the database, accessible through the left menu. The 40 drawings are not indexed in the base.

Two illustrated texts (unfortunately only in danish) reflect on historical aspects of the artists work. One is the art-historical treatise by Theresa Nielsen " De tidlige år 1909-1921" ,to which is linked various citations compiled by her

The other is the extensive biography , developped by the artists second wife, my mother Minna Bjerg, a specialist in french culture. At the age of 97 she was still a valuable source of information.

She died in 2005

It is her relentness efforts- during decades - to catalogue and document the heritage, which is the base, upon which this site has been built, and now can be further elaborated.

One aspect of this work is the above mentioned - meticulously elaborated - chronological database on every piece of sculpture from his hands - even lost or destroyed works, and information on all known occassions of exhibition, ownerships and written references. Until further only the first exhibition of each work is included here..

The photographic quality of the reproductions is far from optimal. In some cases this is due to lack of better pictures. But overall the size of picture files had to be adjusted to the low speed capacity of the most common type of modem-connection to www in 2003.

As editor of this site I will be happy to get feedback and critique of the site, and shall try to answer potential questions.

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